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ECM BioFilms, Inc. markets additives to plastic product manufacturers which produce biodegradable* plastic products that can be priced competitively with, and have the same mechanical characteristics as, their traditional non-degradable products but will be much more sustainable because of their preferred end-of-life.

Plastic products made with ECM additives:
     · Fully biodegrade* when disposed of in a biodegrading environment,        either anaerobically or aerobically:
            · in landfills
            · in compost (backyard compost or commercial facilities)
            · if buried or littered in the ground
            · in agricultural and erosion-control settings
     · Are recyclable
     · Can be made with recycled resins
     · Do not use heat, light or mechanical stress to break them down
     · Do not require special handling 
       (unlike PLA and oxodegradable products)
     · Do not contain heavy metals (unlike most oxodegradable products)

MasterBatch Pellets™ are used for extruding film and sheet (blown or cast), blow molding, injection molding and rotomolding products and parts. The addition of MasterBatch Pellets™ allows your product to retain its desired attributes without adversely effecting its integrity and cosmetics.

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* 49.28% biodegradation in 900 days under non-typical conditions. No evidence of further biodegradation.

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