Green Impact

Until ECM BioFilms MasterBatch Pellet™ technology, there has not been a product created that will allow for the breakdown of plastic without the use of light, heat or some form of mechanical sensitivity.

Many organizations (among them, Greenpeace and The Environmental Research Foundation) have claimed that plastics and the consumer acceptance of plastics is declining...mainly because businesses and organizations don't know what to do with the plastics after use.

With new technologies for capturing and processing the gases naturally created at landfills from the anaerobic biodegradation of the organic components of the municipal solid waste stream for energy, combined with ECM's revolutionary additive technology to make plastic products anaerobically biodegrade in these same landfill conditions, landfill disposal of plastic is no longer an unfavorable end-of-life scenario.

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* 49.28% biodegradation in 900 days under non-typical conditions. No evidence of further biodegradation.

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