Comparison of competing biodegradable plastic technologies

ECM MasterBatch™
For Biodegradation
• Biodegradable (on land, in land, in water)
• Biodegradable in landfill, as litter or backyard compost

For Recycling
• 100% Recyclable at any time
• Compatible with the recycle stream

For Properties
• No special storage conditions required
• Shelf life is indefinite
• Not degraded by exposure to heat, light or external stresses during
storage, shipping, handling or use
• Does not fragment during degradation
• Degradation begins at the time of disposal – not before

For Performance
• Performance not negatively affected by over loading
• No UV or anti-oxidant additives are needed, improving product performance
• When compared to the original material in the application, physical properties are unchanged and no redesign of end product needed

For Processing
• Can be processed with conventional equipment
• No changes to the process settings required
• Biodegradable with 1% loading in PE, PP, PVC, PS and PET

For the Environment
• No heavy metals, ecologically safe
• Degraded product returns to the environment not as small particles, but as biomass and humus

For the Bottom Line
• Cost effective
‡ EPI Environmental Products Inc., Symphony Environmental, Inc., etc.
+ PLA, Mater-Bi®, PHB and combinations (NatureWorks LLC., Novamont S.p.A., et al.)
° Only in industrial/municipal composting facilities
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